11/24/2023 - Starting Over...?

I haven't updated this site in a long time. Mostly because I keep getting bogged down in what I want it to be. I can't seem to get myself to dedicate to a long term layout or content or anything. The curse of ADHD, I suppose. So, in the interest of simplifying things for myself: I'm just gonna make this kind of an old-school blog for now. I'll add some additional content in the future and as you can see, this is all very much currently under construction. No links in the sidebar, no "latest posts". I'll post a link to the original 'blog" part of my site so you can read the old entries I have up there. But I'm not gonna bother with all the ridiculous formatting and stuff. I just wanna be able to write thoughts down and put them up somewhere. Maybe put up outfits and stuff too. I wish Google weren't like, legitimately evil because my blogger blog was great for that.

A few personal updates: Got top surgery on the 7th. Broke up with my boyfriend back at the end of May. Started digging through 11 years of dating to realize: oh, this has been emotionally abusive this whole time. Due to legal bullshit, I'm still stuck living with the asshole so that's been... Kind of a nightmare, emotionally. Uh otherwise I guess I'm doing okay. Probably. Sometimes it's kind of hard to tell with the aforementioned 'stuck living with emotionally abusive ex because he won't leave and we can't fucking evict him'.