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Welcome to the Sanguine Sanctum, my personal home on the web! My name is Rozario (Roz) and I'll be your host! I created this site so I had a place to freely expess myself without having to worry about the host randomly caving to advertiser pressure and censoring my existence as a queer, trans person.

Growing up in the late 90s and early 00s, I was one of the many people who had a ridiculous gif-filled personal webpage which talked about all of my interests and the things I liked, and about myself, the vaguest terms possible. I think the first one was coded by my mother in like, 1999 or 2000.

By 2002, I was making my own pages, a lot of them were Sailor Moon fanpages, most of which I'd never host anywhere but I can still vividly remember sitting on my personal computer (a gift from a friend of my dad's, a Windows95 that had been his computer previously) with notepad open and my copy of the Visual Quickstart Guide to HTML5 open on my desk beside me -- coding out my little websites line by line...

Or building them using Microsoft FrontPage Express (which I still use to this day, thanks to the InternetArchive)... I'd sit in front of my ancient CRT monitor that I'd covered with stickers and spend hours and hours experimenting with things and making (objectively) terrible websites.

When I wasn't doing that, I remember browsing personal sites hosted on Geocities and Angelfire, Tripod and Freeservers -- discovering VtM in my early teens and browsing fandom webrings, reading weird fanfiction and wild fan theories... And all of them were on pages that were unique and different, for the most part.

Even in the early days of social media (other than facebook) we could customize our pages -- once upon a time, Twitter had custom page colors and backgrounds!

Now, everything (tumblr aside, bless its weird little heart), looks...mostly the same, largely due to trying to cater to the mobile market. Everyone is shoved into a little box with a name and an avatar where we blend into the endless stream of other names and avatars. Our words are the same neutral colored sans serif on a neutral colored background on every social media platform. Individuals blur together into an endless mob of anonymous faces and neutral colored sans serif font.

Which I hate. It feels like every social media site is chasing the same anonymous community vibe as fucking 4Chan.

I'm not going to just leave social media, because as an artist, you've kinda gotta stick to it to advertise and shit these days... But I'm going to have my own space where I'm more than just black/white sans serif font on a white/black background.

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