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I've been trying for awhile to figure out how I want to revamp this site (lol) and make it actually functional again. It's been really difficult, I think, because I'm always trying to do too much when really, all I need (right now) is a place to put things I want to share that I can link to that doesn't require you to log in/have a pre-existing account (tumblr, twitter, most social media).

So, in the interest of making things easier on myself, I'm just going to have this little hub page and do this as kind of a blog, except none of the posts will be visible until you click on them and a lot of them will be writing and stuff. I'll try to make sure to mark what's world-building, what's a story, what's just rambling about my characters and what's me actually writing about my own feelings/experiences and stuff.

Eventually, I'll do a more detailed website (I hope) but for now, it's going to be really simple.

I'll have some links up in the sidebar, just so that I can direct people to places like my commissions sheet, social media, the character pages I actually finished... Things like that.

Please note: all links will open in a new tab! And a lot of these aren't cohesively formatted... Sorry :(


The Veil & The Waning of Magic
Category: World Building

The Creation Myth
Category: World Building

About the Land of Faerie (incomplete)
Category: World Building

Setting Glossary
Category: World Building

The Function of Magic
World Building

Patch Job
Category: Short Story (Unfinished)
Rating: T (Violence)

Killian's Backstory
Category: Character Info
Rating: M (Transphobia, Triggering Content)

Iulian's Mistake
Category: Short Story
Rating: M (Violence)

Dhampir Notes
Category: Short Story/World Building (unfinished)
Rating: M (Violence)

Dead As Dead Can Be
Category: Short Story
Rating: T (Violence, Abuse)

Adam's Monologue
Category: Short Story
Rating: ? IDK

Florian & Adam Paralells and Contrasts
Category: Character Rambling
Rating: None

Starting Over
Category: Personal Blog Post



This site is under permanent construction. Things will change often, hopefully. Things will likely break often.