Cosmological Glossary

In the interests of making things clear so that like, not everyone has to read through my kind of...poetically written Creation Myth for my setting, here are some important terms and their meanings!


  • The Ordered Cosmos: The Universe itself. Beyond which exists only The Dark (Chaos, Infinite Possibility, The Primordial Void etc.,)
  • The World That Is: Everything that exists, including the Dark and, perhaps, the universes that lie beyond its boundaries.
  • The Dark aka Chaos, Infinite Possibility, The Primordial Void: What existed before the Cosmos was ordered and the Material World was brought into existence. Also used to refer to the space between each Universal Bubble.
  • The Primordial Divine: A set of concepts/ideas from which sprang everything that exists within the Ordered Cosmos. These are:
    Life & Death: The beginning and end of everything. Lovers & Enemies whose Divine Chase creates the Lesser Cycle
    Fate & Time: The Great Weaver and the Spinner who together create the Tapestry which tells the story of all that exist in the World That Is
    Night: The first artist, architect and mathematician -- Night created all of the stars and planets and made from the Dark the Ordered Cosmos.
    Light, Heat and Force: The first hildren of Night who came into existence when they madethe First Star.
    Hunt: The Divine Chase personified. Ever hiding, ever running, ever seeking, ever hungry. Hunt is predator and prey in one.
    Love & Dream: Created by Night and Hunt. They are things ever sought which flourish in the darkness of night.
    -War: Rage and Anger Personified. Born from the first droplet of blood that fell from Life as it  fought with Death in the Lesser Cycle across Night's newly Ordered Cosmos
  • The Lesser Cycle: The cycle through which energy in the World That is is recycled.Something is born, it dies, it is reborn.
  • The Divine Chase: Another term for the Lesser Cycle
  • The Cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth: See Above
  • The Material World: The Ordered Cosmos, but more specifically the physical world. Matter.
  • The Spiritual World: The Rules which govern the function of the Ordered Cosmos. Energy and Natural Forces.
  • Magic (only when written 'Magic'): Another term for the Spiritual world/Natural  Forces.
    magic: The manipulation of Natural Forces by a sapient being.
  • The Sundering: When the  Primordial Divine were broken by Fate and Time to create the Gods, representing the beginning of History.
  • The Myriad aka The Myriad Eyes, The Watchful Moon, The Creeping Dark, That Which Watches: Something that came into the main universe of the setting from Outside of the boundaries of Ordered Cosmos. The Myriad is an incredibly powerful being that consumes the matter and energy contained within each universal bubble in order to add to itself. Infinitely powerful but currently restrained. Sort of the Big Bad of the Rozen Rot multiverse.
  • Universal Bubble: Each universe in my multiverse setting exists as a little bubble which can bump into other bubbles, meld with other bubbles or...pop. A universal bubble is, basically, just another word for a universe within the multiverse.
  • The Tapestry: Basically, the story of everything that ever has been, currently is and ever will be. The story of the World That Is.
  • The Gods of the World That Is/The Gods: This is kinda self-explanatory. After the Sundering, the Primordial Divine were broken into what amounts to functionally infinite shards which manifested into individual gods (though often these shards were combined with one another). Every God that humans (and other creatures!) believe in comes from these shards.
  • The Time Before: The mythic era. Prehistory, basically.
  • History: Beginning about 20,000 years ago when the Sundering occurred and the Primordial Divine were broken into pieces to prevent the Myriad from furthering its corruption of the Ordered Cosmos
  • Stars-Like-Eyes: The being that came into existence when The Myriad corrupted Night.
  • The Infernal Abyss: This is Hell. Like, Christian Hell but also every conceptual "hell" that has ever existed.
  • Faerie/The Land Beyond the Mists/Under The Hill/Etc.,: This was originally a part of the Mundane World but was sectioned off into a separate plane of existence when it was found that the Myriad Eyes was still influencing the World, even after its "death". Basically, the Fae saw that things were still being corrupted and disordered by this Outside Being and said "fuck this shit, we're taking our shit and leaving". This world is still accessible from the Mundane world but it's usually only under specific circumstances.
  • The Celestial Firmament: Christian Heaven and any "positive" afterlife that might exist (i.e., the Elysian Fields)
  • The Land of the Dead: The middle place. Purgatory and Limbo, the Asphodel Meadows,tc., I promise I will later explain the planes of existence and the afterlifes and how they play into the Divine Chase. Just not in the glossary!!!
  • The World That Was: The universe that existed before this one, part of the Great Cycle
  • The World That Will Be: The universe that will be born from the ashes of this one.
  • The Great Cycle: The Cycle of Life and Rebirth on a cosmic scale. Each universe dies and from its corpse comes the next. Death is reborn as Life and Life is reborn as Death. Fate and Time create a new Tapestry.

I think this covers a lot of the basic/cosmological terminology.