The Creation Myth

The World that Is was born from the carcass of the World that Was. All that we know now was born of a cosmic whale-fall, from the rotten log which was once the fallen world tree which gave home to the earliest life: the crawling things, the mold spores and the fungal bloom. All of life is born from the foundation of decay and the World that Is is no different -- it rose as a Phoenix from the ashes of World That Was as it died in glorious flame.

In the Beginning, there was nothing in this infant universe but The Dark -- a boundless eternity of infinite possibility with neither defined form nor defined purpose -- which has by some been called "Chaos". From this boundless possibility would spring the Primordial Divine, the first beings with form and purpose, who would bring about the beginnings of an ordered universe, granting shape, form and purpose to all that came after. The Primordial Divine would, someday, be sundered into a thousand shards, each a God in their own right, but in the beginning, in the Time Before Time, their number was far more limited.

The First were Life (any/all) and Death (any/all) with Life being born first and Death coming into existence shortly thereafter. Twins and halves of the same whole but opposites all in one. They would be lovers and give birth to all that would ever exist within the World that Is and spawn from them the rest of the Primordial Divine -- but they would be enemies as well caught in an endless cycle of creation, destruction and rebirth. And when, at last, the Lesser Cycle is broken and Death triumphs over Life, the World That Is will die and its carcass will make the fertile ground from which the World That Will Be shall grow, allowing the Greater Cycle to continue.

The First Primordial Divine

The Primordial Divine are the children of Life and Death, heir children or...other beings of great power-- Divine Beings that existed in the Time Before Time (also known as the Mythic Era) when the universe was still being fully formed and its Laws being set into place. They are responsible for the Great Forces of the universe... They are as follows...

Fate (any/all) & Time (any/all): The Great Weaver and the Spinner -- twins who may have existed even before Life & Death sprang into being from the Dark. Fate weaves the Tapestry which tells the tale of all that ever has been, all that which is and all that will ever be while Time spins the yarn which makes this Tapestry. The details of their existence are known to none but themselves, but they are some of the most powerful beings in existence.

Night (they/them): The Eldest Child of Life and Death. Night was the first artist and architect -- they filled the boundless Dark with infinite stars and planets, ordering the cosmos and setting the heavenly bodies into their paths through the sky.

Light (they/them), Heat (they/them), Force (they/them): Triplets who were born from the first Star. Light, Heat and Force are the Building Blocks of the Ordered Cosmos that Night would set forth. Heat, in the modern world, would be called Thermodynamics and Force would be called "Gravity". Light has retained their name in the modern world.

Hunt (he/him): Predator and prey alike. Hunt is the Divine Chase -- ever running, ever hiding, ever seeking.

Love & Dreams (she/her, they/them & they/them, it/its): Love and Dreams are twins, the children of Night and Hunt. Things which are eternally sought and flourish most under the cover of Night.

War (it/its): Born from the first drop of blood which fell onto the earth from Life & Death as they engaged in their endless cycle across Night's newly ordered Cosmos. The youngest of the Primordial Divine...

The Material World

Before Night began the creation of the Ordered Cosmos, there was only the immaterial -- the Dark -- in which there could only exist potential and concept. Here, Life, Death, Fate and Time dwelt. Fate and Time saw that their tapestry could not be woven in The Dark and thus, bade Life and Death to bring into existence Night and Night saw within the infinite possibility of the Dark the Material World that they would create -- they saw the stars and planets, they saw the mechanics through which they moved through the firmament and brought it into being. They created the Rules by which the World would function and set limitations on the endless possibility of The Dark. It was only by making these limitations that anything beyond Concept (Fate, Time, Life, Death and indeed, Night) could exist. The Dark was as an empty canvas and only by the creation of the Material could it become anything else.

When the Material World was created, the world of the Spirit (magic) was not separate but woven through it, permeating its every fiber and particle. Much of Magic still remains tangled in the material world in the form of natural forces such as gravity, thermodynamics, chemical reaction and etc., The very foundations of the World That Is are Magical, though in modern times the more fantastical displays of this Magic are hidden from the Mundane World.

The Sundering of the Primordial Divine and the End of the Time Before

As the Time Before Time drew to a close and all of the Ordered Cosmos had been populated with the multitude of creatures that would dwell within, the Primordial Divine would be sundered, broken into a thousand shards from which would come the Gods of the World That Is. This Sundering occurred as a direct result of interference from a being which goes by many names -- The Myriad, The Watchful Moon, The Myriad Eyes, The Creeping Dark, That Which Watches -- which came from Beyond the bounds of the Ordered Cosmos. A being which subverted the wills of Life, Death, Fate and Time. This being Corrupted Night, causing them to become an entity that would be known as the Stars-Like-Eyes. This corruption of Night would lead to the corruption of their Rules and inspired a great war between The Myriad, Stars-Like-Eyes and the gathered might of the Primordial Divine. In this war, both Night and the Myriad would be slain -- though the influence of the Myriad seemed to remain, a dead "god" whose voices could be heard throughout the Ordered Cosmos and could not be Silenced.

Seeing the way that Night's corruption had threatened the stability and very existence of the World That Is, the Primordial Divine knew that they must disperse their power, that it must be broken so that even if one aspect of them were corrupted by the remaining influence of the Myriad, the very thing which flowed from their existence could not be corrupted as Night had been. And so, Fate The Great Weaver wove into their existence a sundering. She broke apart all the Primordial Divine, making of them an infinity of pieces, many of which became Gods and powerful Spirits. It was with this Sundering that the History as we know it began -- which is where we shall end this Creation "Myth".