Biography + Fun Facts

Apparent Age: 22
True Age: 47
Gender: Cis Girl
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Demisexual/Heteroromantic
Species: Vampire (Bloodline Unknown)
Primary Universe: Nocturnal Creatures
Birthday: January 8th, 1976
Deathday: October 31,1998
Occupation: Night Barista at Eventide Spirits
Residence: Santa Marta, CA, United States

Best Memory: Becoming part of the Revenant Vampire Community under Santa Marta
Worst Memory: Waking up after being Changed and killing her best friend.
Biggest Accomplishment: Hitting 100 cellphones stolen from assholes at Eventide Coffee
Favorite Colors: Black, Purple, Lime Green
Favorite Foods:
-Mortal Food: Mocha Frappe, Triple Chocolate Muffins, Cherry Soda, Monster Energy, Tiramisu, Fried Oreos
-Blood: She doesn't care, all the bagged stuff tastes like shit anyway.
Favorite Scents: Cloves, Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Gunpowder, Gasoline, Fresh Coffee, Freshly Baked Bread, Coconut, Vanilla, Lime, Grapefruit
Favorite Songs: Hunger - Ayria, The Girl Anachronism - Dresden Dolls, I'm So Sick - Flyleaf, Counting Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle, Looking Glass - The Birthday Massacre, Placebo Effect - Siouxsie and the Banshees, Amnesia - Mind.In.A.Box
Can't Leave Home Without: Her phone, her cigarette case, a few packets of blood

Looks & Mannerisms

Height: 4'7
Build: Very thin with narrow hips and a small bust. Laci looks frail to most people and can easily be mistaken for a teen or even a preteen. She has a short torso with long legs.
Face Shape: Laci has a rounded face with a pointed chin, full cheeks and low cheekbones. She has a small mouth with full lips and a small, slightly upturned nose.
Eye Color/Shape: Unnaturally bright Amber/Hazel that looks almost orange or yellow, depending on the light. Deep-set with heavy, almost droopy eyelids and very thick lashes. Laci usually has a sort of sleepy look to her eyes, accentuated by her permanent dark circles and under eye bags. She has slitted, cat-like pupils and her irises have a faint glow to them.
Hair Color/Style: About shoulder length with a natural 2B curl pattern. Her hair is naturally black but she has a badly bleached portion in the front that looks bright orange. Has very short, somewhat uneven bangs and her hair is a little shorter in the front than the back. Usually worn up in pigtails or twin buns.
Skin Color/Texture:Unnaturally smooth and pale with an under-saturated yellow undertone. Doesn't look particularly healthy. She has very visible veins around the edges of her face and on her wrists/hands.
Distinguishing Features: Laci is very short and this is usually the first thing people notice about her -- she also has very large, expressive eyes. She has both eyebrows pierced, a nostril piercing on her left side and snakebites. Both ears have triple lobe piercings and two helix piercings. In addition, Laci has long, pointed nails and pointed outer incisors. She also cannot fully retract her fangs, which causes her canines to always look longer/sharper than the average human's.
Clothing Style: Laci is 100% a goth, almost always wearing at least one piece of clothing with mesh or fishnet and the primary colors in her wardrobe are black, charcoal gray and purple -- with the occasional hint of neon green or bright red. She prefers pants and shorts with tights or stockings over skirts or dresses, finding that dresses often get in the way. Because of her thin frame, Laci tents to prefer layers: tank tops or t-shirts over mesh shirts and under zip-up hoodies and so-on. She's almost always wearing platform shoes of some kind and has a fondness for fingerless gloves and collars. An average outfit for Laci would be a pair of black shorts with striped tights and knee-high socks, a mesh-shirt under a tank top with a short-sleeved hoodie with several bracelets, layered belts, fingerless gloves and some sort of collar for accessories. She's especially fond of Tripp pants.

Posture & Body Language: It depends on Laci's current emotional age. Adult Laci's posture is more confident and open -- standing up straight, head up and eyes focused. Little Laci is usually a little bit folded in on herself, shy and insecure -- her head down and eyes turned towards her feet. Laci's body language is usually some mix between bouncy/energetic and distant/dreamy. She often seems to be off in her own little world.
Voice: Somewhat nasal but with a distinct huskiness/vocal fry -- her actual pitch is somewhat higher and definitely comes across as a little bit childish.
Notable Mannerisms: Laci fidgets a lot -- often chewing on her lower lip or playing with her piercings as well as curling her hair around her fingeres and playing with the hems of her shorts. She also chews her nails. Despite being a vampire and getting no benefit (or harm) from it, Laci keeps up her smoking habit from when she was a human. She also tends to sort of bounce in place when she's bored. Laci basically never stops moving -- tapping a foot, jiggling a leg, tapping fingers on her leg and so on.


Strengths: Clever and quick-witted, a good liar, quick-learning and adaptive, has a strong (if slightly skewed) sense of justice, deeply compassionate, generally sweet/kind, dedicated and tenacious, deeply in touch with her emotions, empathetic, really good with kids, imaginative and highly creative
Weaknesses: Incredibly emotional, immature, often irresponsible, stuborn and impatient, overly curious/nosy, irrational, has difficulty understanding the motives/perspectives of others even if she can understand what they're feeling she often doesn't understand the why of it; hot-headed, prone to fits of intense mania and/or depression, often hyperactive, has trouble focusing at times. Difficulty explaining herself to others, can be far too blunt, has difficulty understanding her own motives at times.
Mental Health Issues: Bipolar Disorder (Type 1), Trauma-Induced Age Regression, Auditory and Visual Hallucinations, Anxiety, ADHD, Trauma-Induced Severe Retrograde Amnesia
Goals: Stop the Apocalypse, destroy or bind the Myriad Eyes, have fun, make friends, help people, figure out who she was before her death
Fears: Becoming a "true" monster/losing control over her vampiric instincts, discovering her past only to find that she had been a "monster" even before dying, being corrupted by the Myriad Eyes, Failure, Being Alone
Guiding Philosphies: Preserve life whenever possible but don't hesitate to do what's necessary to stop the Myriad Eyes, try your best to make people laugh and improve their lives, make the world a better place whenever you can, punish evil and cruelty, offer help to the helpless and compassion to the weak and downtrodden of society, bash the fash, never let anyone take away what makes you YOU
Sense of Humor: Laci's sense of humor is rather impish and pranksterish -- she loves to pull (mostly) harmless pranks on her friends or make comments that leave others confused. She can also be incredibly sarcastic. Laci's other favorite forms of humor are bad puns and absurdist/dumb memes.

Overall Personality: Chaotic and trickster-ish. Laci is an enigma to everyone around her -- often including herself. She is generally bright and spontaneous, a ball of seemingly endless energy but her moods can shift rapidly and drastically -- becoming somber and serious, anxious and flighty or even depressed and emotionally-unavailable at the drop of a hat. Laci's general mood and energy are frantic, unpredictable and extreme. When she comes to care about people, she is incredibly protective of them -- doing anything within her power to make them happy and keep them safe.

Deep down, Laci is frustrated with her inability to remember most of her human life and it frequently impacts her ability to connect to others, lacking a lot of the cultural and emotional touchstones that most people have. She desperately wishes she could remember her past but fears the knowledge of it at the same time. Most of her efforts, at the moment, are focused on preventing the Awakening of the creature that slumbers beneath the city of Santa Marta -- a being she knows only as The Myriad Eyes. She deeply believes that if this being does awake from its slumber, it will cause the end of the world as we know it, and cause irreparable damage to reality. Her methods of preventing this are erratic and nonsensical due to her lack of knowledge about the thing, knowing what she does only through brief glimpses she's caught of it through her precognition and her Sight.
-Little Laci: For the most part, the same as Big Laci -- but less able to focus on her goals and more "hyperactive". Laci's independent streak is mostly gone when she's in her "Little Mode" and she'll be incredibly reliant on the people in her life that she trusts. She also has far less emotional resilience.
-In Love: Laci can't remember being in love and hasn't fallen in love since she became a vampire. When she crushes on someone (which is pretty rare), she's usually incredibly shy and often has difficulty speaking around them... She's also just a little bit possessive of her crushes.
-Under Stress: Erratic, irritable and prone to lashing out. Laci loses control of her emotions and becomes inconsolably upset under stress very quickly and in situations where the stress is severe enough, may become entirely disconnected from reality or even catatonic. Stress is also the biggest trigger for Laci's age regression (though triggers related to her death are also high on the list), the more intense the stress, the further back she slides...Though Laci has never gone below "five".
-Alone: Laci doesn't really get to be alone due to being haunted by her best friend as a human who she accidentally killed after her Change...When it's just Laci and Amy, Laci can be very quiet and withdrawn, just focusing on whatever task is at hand and desperately hoping Amy doesn't decide to cause any problems.

Skills & Hobbies


Physical: Self-defense, some gymnastics, pickpocketing, small firearms, squeezing into small spaces
Social: Social Media, Bullshitting, Sweet-Talking, Manipulation, Blame-Shifting, Making Friends, Persuasion
Talents: Breaking and entering, going unnoticed, being cute, dancing
Knowledges: Santa Marta Underground, Streets & Back Alleys, Hacking, Computers, Social Media manipulation, explosives, Revenant Signs & Grafitti
Hobbies: Pickpocketing assholes at cafes/coffeeshops, preventing the apocalypse, clubbing, coloring books, dancing, photography/instagram
Special: The Sight, precognition/prophetic ability, increased speed & strength, darkvision/nightsight, extendable claws & fangs, telepathy/empathy, emotional influence/hypnosis, immortality, greatly enhanced healing factor, has a weird connection to the city of Santa Marta itself

History & Relationships

Birthplace: Santa Marta, California, United States
Childhood: Laci can remember her fifth birthday where she had her first vision of the future and of the party being ended prematurely. She also remembers starting therapy at twelve.
Adolescence: Laci remembers her first day of middle school -- which went rather badly, remembers going to anti-prom and getting kicked out of her parents' house at 18.
Adulthood: What little Laci can remember of her adulthood, she was working as a barista at a local coffee shop while working with a group of friends on a local anarchist zine. She was dating one of the editors on the zine until he cheated on her and broke up with her on October 20th 1998. During a manic episode that followed, she cut her hair and bleached her bangs (with the intent of dyeing them purple). She and her best friend were kidnapped by a vampire outside a local goth club on Halloween.The vampire would turn Laci and leave Amy in the room with her to kill during her first feeding. The trauma of her change (which occurred fully within only three hours) and subsequently murdering her best friend seems to have induced age regression and severe amnesia in Laci. She cannot recall the name or appearance of her Sire or even the majority of her life, outside of small snippets from here and there.
Recent: Laci has been living in Santa Marta in the Revenant Community since they found her in 2002. It's not sure if she's actually part of the Revenant bloodline or not but they don't really care about that. She's got a small apartment in Bram Park, not far from the Sidetracks bar, which contains one of the main entrances to the Underground.

Family: The Santa Marta Revenant Population
Lovers: None
Friends: Art ??? (a local hacker and vampire), Alex Hyde (Revenant Vampire, clubbing and goth buddy), Louis DeFantome (Siren Vampire, local goth artist), Maggie Rodriguez (Local Witch)
Enemies: Amy (Ghost, haunting), Ella DuChamps (Local cultist), The Myriad Eyes (???)
Other: Patrick O'Loinsigh (Employer), Laurent DeFantome (accidental pain in her ass)

Alternate Universes

Clan: Malkavian
Generation: 8th
Sect: Considers herself Autarkis but is technically an Anarch
Road: Humanity

Description: Laci isn't really all that different in her VtM incarnation -- instead of living on her own, she lives with two other Malkavians (Sanity -- a dark ages Malkavian with psychotic breaks and "The Accountant" a Malkavian Embraced in the 1950s with severe OCD and arithomania). She's still trying to prevent the end of the world/Gehenna and likes to troll the Malkavian Network in any way that she possibly can. Still friends with Alex (A Brujah) and Art (A Nosferatu). One of the big differences is that her amnesia isn't actually caused by her trauma in the WoD/VtM universe but rather, is a result of a mixture of Dementation and Dominate used on her by her Sire, erasing almost everything about her life from before her Embrace...

Pre-Embrace, Laci was doing pre-med after graduating highschool a few years early but about a year or two before her Embrace, suffered a stress-induced psychotic break due to untreated bipolar disorder, which landed her in a psych unit for about six months. It was shortly after this that her mediumship and oracular ability began to present, which is what drew her Sire's attention. Laci's Sire is, notably, a Malkavian Antitribu and Laci has actually commited several acts of diablerie.