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A collection of my various characters from various projects -- most of these are characters I RP as or just draw a lot.

2/2/2023: These pages are currently somewhat broken because I haven't redone them for the new URL yet and I was also planning to give them new designs.

My Main OCs
Morgan Kendrick - 25 Cis Woman She/Her Human or Vampire (usually)
Laurent DeFantome - 30 (physically) 53 (true age) Cis Man He/Him Vampire (usually)
Louis DeFantome - 26 (physically) 53 (true age) Cis Man He/Him Vampire (Usually)
Adam Freemont - 29 (physically) 126 (true age) Cis Man He/Him Vampire
Laci Lydia Brighton Lee - 21 (physically) 45 (True Age) Cis Woman She/Her Vampire
Florian Lazarescu - 24 Trans Man He/Him Dhampir or Human (coming soon)

Some Other OCs of Note
These OCs don't have full character profile pages and probably never will. Some of them do have TTRPG character sheets.

Ella DuChamps - 18 (physically) 31/123 (true age) Cis Woman She/Her Eldritch Abomination Ella was born in 1900 and became immortal (unless murdered) in 1918. In 1928, she was murdered and was then raised in 2020. So despite being born 123 years ago, Ella is only 31. One of the antagonists in my setting.
Dorian Keye - 22 Cis Man He/Him Human Magic User acharacter for a World of Darkness game who was sort of based on Gerard Keay Character Sheet
Hawthorn O'Faolan - 24 (physically) 34 (true age) Trans Man He/Him Vampire (9th Gen Brujah Antitribu) Another WoD character. Hawthorn is a former Sabbat Brujah trying to redeem himself. The game he was in has been discontinued, but I plan to re-use him at some point. Character Sheet
Killian O'Connell - 21 (physically) 36 (true age) Trans Man He/Him Ghoul, Hunter Character for a 5th ed. Hunter the Reckoning game. Killian is the former ghoul of the Prince's Herald (his identical twin sister) currently working with a group of hunters in the employ of an Anarch Baron in his city. Character Sheet
Ziva Konieczka - 15 (Physically) 594 (true age) Cis Woman She/Her Vampire (7th Gen, Ravnos) My character for the Giovanni Chronicles who kind of just ended up sticking around. She spends a lot of time taking in and saving orphans. She's incredibly frustrated at being treated like a Child in modern nights


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