Big Ass Personality Survey

Full name: Rozario Sanguinem (You're not getting my legal name lmao)
Roz, Kier
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Where Do You Live Now?:
Rural Pennsylvania
Been no-contact with them since 2014
Three, all younger. Two sisters and one brother. I only talk to my brother.
About 5'3, 44" waist, shoulder length green hair with spiky sideswept bangs, gray eyes. Light skinned with freckles (I'm a natural ginger)
Favorite Animal(s):
Virginia Opossum, red fox, coyote, raccoon, the common American crow, skunk, cats, spiders, brown bat, mourning dove, pigeons
Favorite TV Show(s):
Currently, the X-Files, Z Nation, Wynnona Earp
Favorite Kind(s) Of Music:
Darkwave, Industrial, Classic Rock, Pop Punk, New Wave, Technopop, 90s Pop Rock, Nu-Metal, Symphonic Metal
Favorite Movie(s):
The Lost Boys, Moulin Rouge, Constantine
Not in School.
Future School:
Future Job:
Self-Employed/Freelance Artist
have a boyfriend and a datemate (aka my faebie, Noxernia.) BF doesn't have a website and I'm not linking his social media.
Best Buds:
My housemates -- Aqua, Remy, Fyre and Zelda...
Favorite Candy:
Hershey's Symphony Bar, Take 5, Cowtails, Sour Patch Kids, any kind of chocolate honestly.
Tabletop RPGs, Video Games, Photography, Swimming, Art, Writing, Sewing, Jewelry Making, Baking, Cooking, Fashion, Web Design
Things You Collect:
Teacups, accessories, saucers, dice, vampire aesthetic pics, pins, shoes, belts, binders
Do You Have A Personal Phone Line:
Yes? Who doesn't these days (you can tell this is old lol)
Favorite Body Part Of The Opposite Sex?:
Any Tattoos And Where Of What?:
Sadly none yet. I'm planning some but I need the $$$ first.
Piercing(s) And Where?:
Right now? Just my ears. My lip piercing got torn and I had to let it heal. I'm hoping to get it redone with my tax return, if all the money doesn't go into bills or getting a new wheelchair first.
What Do You Sleep in?:
It depends on the weather.
Do you like Chain Letters:
God, no.
Best Advice:
Don't let other people tell you who to be.
Favorite Quotes:
"On The Inside" because I can't think of any other quotes right now.
Non-sport Activity You Enjoy:
Dream Car:
2015 Mazda Miata X5 in Cherry Red
Favorite Thing To Do In Spring:
Take pictures of the flowers
What's Your Bedtime:
...bed...time? (I usually end up passing out sometime around 5 am)
Where Do You Shop?:
Online and thrift stores. Don't do thirft stores as much because it's hard to find clothes when you're a fat goth trans dude at the goodwill.
Coke or Pepsi:
No dark soda for me, thanks.
Favorite Thing(s) To Wear?:
Velvet, fishnet, band-tees, poet shirts
Favorite Subject(s) In School?:
I was "unschooled" but -- history, art, english.
Favorite Color(s):
Black, red, purple, chartreuse, pink, silver
Favorite People To Talk To Online:
Noxernia and Poppy
Root-Beer or Dr. Pepper?:
Do You Shave?:
Just my undercut, lmao. I've decided to let my shitty patchy facial hair grow out more.
Favorite Vacation Spot(s):
LOL if I had the money for a vacation... I guess the DFW?
Favorite Family Member(s):
My Eldritch Goth Parent, Fyre and my brother, Peachie.
Did You Eat Paint Chips When You Were a Kid?:
Not that I can recall,
Favorite CD you own:
Liberation Transmission - The Lostprophets (I know the lead singer is a terrible person)
The ONE Person Who You Hate The Most:
Rick from Karaoke.
Favorite Food(s):
Sesame Chicken, Tres Leches, Mozzarella Cheese, Spinach Dip & Italian Bread, Angel Hair Pasta w/white sauce and chicken, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Raspberry Sorbet, Butter Pecan
Who Is The Hottest Guy or Girl In The World?:
My boyfriend, my faefriend, Peter Steele, Jason Momoa... I'm not super into very many celebrities t b h.
What Is Your Favorite Salad Dressing?:
Ranch or Parmasean Vinaigrette.
When You Die, Do You Wanna Be Buried or Burned Into Ashes?:
I want to have a green, conservation burial. I.e., I don't want to be embalmed, I want to be wrapped in a bio-degradable shroud and put in a straw or bamboo coffin/untreated wooden coffin and buried on land that needs to be protected from development because a graveyard has to be maintained in perpetuity (and the paperwork to move a graveyard is a huge pain in the ass). Or, if it's something that's legal when I die, I'd like to be left out for the animals to eat.
Do You Believe In Aliens?:
Yeah. Its' statistically improbable that humans are the only life forms in the universe. Whether they've made contact or not? IDK. Didn't the US government confirm the existence of "UFOs" in 2020? (Of course, anything can be a UFO if you're bad enough at identifying flying objects)
If You Had The Chance To Professionally Do Something, What would You Do?:
I used to want to be a mortician. If my body would allow me to do some kind of work like that, I'd jump at the chance. Death work is so deeply meaningful.
Things You Obsess Over:
Vampires, art, historical fashion, history in general (esp the mid-late 19th century, the 16th century and Medieval Christianity), aesthetic, fashion, makeup, roleplaying
Favorite Day of the Week:
Saturday & Sunday
A Teacher You Hate:
My second first grade teacher (I changed schools halfway through the year, first grade was the last grade I was in public school)
Favorite Disney Movie:
The Emporer's New Groove, probably.
What Is Your Favorite Season?:
What Toppings Do You Like On Your Pizza?:
Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple, Mushroom, Feta, Onion (not necessarily together)
Do You Like Your School Food Itself (As In The District Food):
I haven't been in school for 23 years.
If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live?:
The Pacific Northwest, Ireland, Denmark or Norway, Poland (if it weren't a fucking nightmare for LGBTQ+ people), or stay here in Appalachia. Really, I don't care so much where I live as long as the people I love are with me.
Favorite Thing(s) To Do On Weekends:
Tabletop Gaming, Karaoke
Favorite Thing(s) To Get Clean up:
Favorite Magazine(s):
Who reads magazines anymore??? I used to really like Seventeen but that was when I was like, 10.
Favorite Flower(s):
Peonies, Red Roses, Bittersweet Nightshade, Amaryllis, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, Mallow Rose
Favorite Number(s):
7, 6, 9
Favorite Ice Cream flavor(s):
Butter Pecan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cherry Garcia, Rocky Road
What Kind of Guys/Girls Are You Attracted to?:
People with top energy who look like they could throw me. Guys with long hair and beards. Not really into girls.
What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment?:
Fuck if I can remember.
If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself What Would It be?:
Yeet the teets. Or at least, 95% of them.
Do You Eat Breakfast First Then Brush Your Teeth or Brush first ten eat breakfast:
When I remember? Brush teeth then eat breakfast.
Favorite Time of Day:
Just after sunset/just before dawn, sunset/sunrise, the middle of the night, very early in the morning before anything is open and no one is on the streets so everything is empty.
Can A Guy and Girl Be Just "Best Friends?":
Of course.
Do You Ask The Girl / Guy Out Or Do You Wait For Them To Come To You?:
I've been in the same relationship for 10 years lmao. I mean, all four of the people I've dated have asked me out thoughso...
Do You Mind Paying For Sex?:
In theory? Not at all. In practice? I probably wouldn't ever hire a sex worker -- I need a strong emotional connection to someone to feel any real sexual attraction to them at all that's more than just a flash in the pan and that attraction has to be there for me to even consider sex with them.
What's The Most Important thing In Someone's Personality:
Honesty, Loyalty and Kindness.
Do you have a pager or cell phone?:
I have a cellphone. Man, I kinda wish pagers were still a thing though.
Favorite Sport:
Does fencing or foam weapon fighting count?
What Was the Best Gift You Ever Received?:
Oh shit that's hard to say. Honestly, probably my faefriend paying for me to come visit them in Texas for half a month last October.
How Long Did This Letter Take You To Finish?:
Just about an hour, I think?
What Did You Listen To While Completing It?:
I was listening to the X-Files.
Are you or would you like to be married in the near future (next 5 years)?:
I'm polyamorous so I probably won't ever get ~properly~ married, as much as I'd love to be able to marry both my partners. I'd like to have a committment ceremony with them or something like that.
Don't u just hate how psychics never win the lottery?:
Any real psychic would know better than to use their powers for something like that. I don't believe in like, karma type stuff but I think that using your psychic powers for that kind of intense personal gain would fuck you over in some way. It just doesn't feel right to me. Anyway, psychic powers don't work like that. They're not that specific, they're like dreams -- just vague images that have no context and exact details until you're in the moment you foresaw.