So, it has been a long time coming, but I am moving from blogger/blogspot. There's a number of reasons for this but first and foremost? I deeply resent google's takeover of the internet and their hate-on for adult content -- it makes me sick to my stomach and I really don't want to be hosting my work on something they host. On top of that, google has been known to just discontinue and drop services out of nowhere and that's also really not cool for me. The final reason being that I am just sick of the centralization of the internet -- everything is so reliant on like, the same three fucking websites and services.

And I think that's actually terrible because concentrating information in the hands of only a few people puts it at risk of being easily destroyed (Library of Alexandria, anyone?) or being withheld from people who need it that those who own those sites don't want to see. As a queer person, I'm deeply opposed to any form of censorship -- especially if it's censorship of "adult content" -- because my life is frequently considered "adult content" even at its most domestic and inoffensive. So... Yeah. I've switched to using the scripting and software provided by zonelets and started to host my blog on my personal website!