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31 Genderqueer Transfag Artist Disabled Neurodivergent Alternative Otherkin Polyamorous Bear In Progress T: 2/17/2021

My name is Roz, I'm an alternative/goth trans guy living in rural Appalachia.

I'm a writer and artist working in multiple mediums who enjoys creating gothic and transgressive fiction and art as a way of coping with current stress and also working through past trauma.

I'm generally a very open person and don't have many compunctions about sharing details of my trauma history, physical health history and mental health issues -- partially because I can't shut the fuck up about them and partially because I refuse to be ashamed of them.

I've been in a committed relationship for the last eleven years with one partner and with my other partner since October 2018.

Thanks to being physically disabled and incredibly neurodivergent, I am a freelance artist and I have way, way too much time on my hands -- so I have roughly 50 thousand hobbies.

Said hobbies include: sewing, crochet, patch making, clothing alteration, jewelry making, cooking, baking, video games, tabletop RPG (World of Darkness and Pathfinder, mostly), art and writing (which are also my work).

I'll eventually add more to this page. As is, I think you've got something of an idea of who is running this site :3

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